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On a mission for digital wellbeing

We help people and organisations to find balance with digital technology in their lives.

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Picture of Daan Annemans

Meet Daan.

Daan is the founder of Altruïs. He has a background in digital design and philosophy of technology. He gives lectures, facilitates workshops and offers coaching programs to help people find a healthy balance between the harms and benefits of their devices.

AAAAAAttention, please.


Authentic as in true. True to yourself, to your nature, to your human nature. Naturally!


If you can’t see it, you can’t fix it. The battle for our attention is fierce, but so are we.


Altruism is essentially the intention to do good. Sounds simple, is vital.


If you want to thrive, you have to bend and adapt to whatever comes your way.

History of Altruïs


Altruïs founded

Altruïs was founded in 2020. Our mission? To make the internet more altruistic. We designed and built websites and apps with moral values at the core of our decision-making, such as focusing on carbon-efficient web design, not using irritating cookie policies, and respecting users' attention with efficient design.


We Are Founders Programme

WeAreFounders is a 9-month start-up acceleration program in BeCentral, a digital campus of organisations at the Brussels Central Station. We learned a lot about entrepreneurship and kept working to improve our services. The mission was renewed, because we wanted to help people create a healthier relationship with technology in their daily lives, instead of letting their tech control them.


Consciously Digital Course

We started launching new services. During 2022 and 2023 Daan followed a course to become a coach in digital well-being. By the second half of 2023, after finishing our final design projects, we started giving workshops and offering coaching for clients.


Let's go!

We're looking forward to 2024. Highlights will be the Future of Digital Well-Being Conference in Amsterdam and the Workbeats festival in Belgium.


  • Digital Well-Being at Work

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    1 hr

    Price negotiable
  • Digital well-being coaching

    Read More

    1 hr

    Price negotiable
  • Start to Digital Diet

    Read More

    3 hr

    Price negotiable
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